Big Sur

Wow what a beautiful wedding and captured so amazingly! Love it!




This wedding is perfection in every way. The details and photography are exquisite.


Absolutely stunning! I love how you worked with the natural light of a foggy day in Big Sur. You captured this area so perfectly with your beautiful work!

Absolutely beautiful. First frame is perfection.

[…] pictures from} Magnolia wreath, Short dress, Paper lanterns, Pink stationery, Pink beaded gown, Blossom aisle […]


Wonderful outdoor wedding photograph!! This album shows how each and every moment of their wedding was enjoyable.

So beautiful! Love all the lovely details.

wow. this is so amazing, erich!! loved every image. what a gorgeous intimate wedding!!

What exquisite photography, and a stunning wedding. That table setting on the beach is utter perfection…

*sigh* I love your work Erich! I recently had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany and she is such a beautiful person,inside and out. You captured her spirit so well. Beautifully done.

What a setting – pure gorgeousness! And the way you captured it, just brilliant. <3

Hello – Would you happen to know where this venue is and how they were able to eat in the sand?


Hi Angela,

I believe they called the park department to get a permit for their reception. I think it was pretty easy!

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